Janice's Vermont Pix (August 2009)

Stephen at the Steamship

  At the Shelburne Museum: Stephen (on gangplank in
  black shirt) reading about the restored 220-foot steamboat
  Ticonderoga, a National Historic Landmark

Tiffany brooch

  Stunning Tiffany aquamarine and opal brooch
  (photo from the Museum's web site, which features hi-res photos of other items in the Tiffany exhibit)

Green Tiffany lamp

  One of the Tiffany lamps on display

Purple Tiffany lamp

  Another Tiffany lamp

Hosts Deb & Mike at Ben & Jerry's

  Hosts Deb Geisler and Mike Benveniste at the Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour

B&J Gravestone 1    
   One of the "tombstones" in the Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard

                                        Another B&J tombstone

                                       Another gravestone