Janice's Favorite SF Books

NOTE: This list does not pretend to be based on literary merit or critical acclaim -- it merely
contains books that I personally like!

(For a more professional view, you might want to take a look at Gardner Dozois's
recommended SF reading list -- he's the multiple-award winning editor of Asimov's magazine.)

Newer Books

Aaronovitch, Ben (Paranormal London police unit series)
                Rivers of London (called Midnight Riot in the US)
                Moon Over Soho
                Whispers Under Ground
                Broken Homes

Abraham, Daniel A Shadow in Summer
                A Betrayal in Winter
                An Autumn War
                The Price of Spring

Amis, Kingsley 	The Alteration (Alternate history)

Bishop, Michael	Brittle Innings (Also for baseball fans!)

Brin, David	The Postman
		series: Sundiver
			Startide Rising (best)
			The Uplift War

Bujold, Lois McMaster (series)		
		Shards of Honor
		The Warriors Apprentice
		The Vor Game
		Brothers in Arms
		Mirror Dance
                A Civil Campaign
                Diplomatic Immunity
                Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

                The Curse of Chalion

Card, Orson Scott (series)		
		Ender's Game
		Speaker for the Dead
		Xenocide (not as good but part of the series)

                Same universe, different POV:
                Ender's Shadow
                Shadow of the Hegemon
                Shadow Puppets

Carriger, Gail (Steampunk paranormal romance series)

Corey, James S.A. (Series - classic space opera at its best)
                Leviathan Wakes
                Caliban's War
                Abaddon's Gate

Effinger, George Alec	 (series)	
		When Gravity Fails
 		A Fire in the Sun
 		The Exile Kiss

Elliott, Kate (series)
		 An Earthly Crown
		 His Conquering Sword
		 The Law of Becoming

Flynn, Michael          Eifelheim

Gibson, William		Neuromancer

Haldeman, Joe		The Forever War

Kay, Guy Gavriel	Tigana (long fantasy but good)

LeGuin, Ursula K.	The Left Hand of Darkness
			The Dispossessed

Martin, George R.R.	WildCards (multi-author series)
			non-series: Dying of the Light
			A Song of Fire and Ice (series -- fantasy, which 
			   I don't usually like but extremely well written)
				A Game of Thrones
				A Clash of Kings
				A Storm of Swords
                                A Feast of Crows

McCaffrey, Anne (dragon series)		
		The White Dragon
		(series continues with several other 
		books but imho they're not as good)

McIntyre, Vonda		Dreamsnake

Milán, Victor		The Cybernetic Samurai

Moon, Elizabeth         Heris Serrano series (space opera, female heroine):
                           Hunting Party
                           Sporting Chance
                           Winning Colors

                        Esmay Suiza series (continuation of Serrano series)
                           Once a Hero
                           Rules of Engagement
                           Change of Command
                           Against the Odds

Niven, Larry		Ringworld

Nix, Garth (series)     Sabriel

Novik, Naomi (Temeraire series)
                        His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire in UK/Australia)
                        Throne of Jade
                        Black Powder War
                        Empire of Ivory
                        Victory of Eagles

Russell, Mary Doria	The Sparrow
                        Children of God (sequel)

Shinn, Sharon (Series but not all straight sequels)
                        Jovah's Angel
                        The Alleluia Files

Silverberg, Robert	Lord Valentine's Castle (first of series)
			The World Inside
			Dying Inside

Swendson, Shanna (High-quality chick lit romantic urban fantasy series)
                        Enchanted, Inc. 
                        Once Upon Stilettos
                        Damsel Under Stress
                        Don't Hex With Texas
                        Much Ado About Magic
                        No Quest for the Wicked
                        Kiss and Spell    

Turtledove, Harry	Guns of the South (alternate history)

Vinge, Joan (series)	The Snow Queen
			The Summer Queen

Vinge, Vernor		A Fire Upon the Deep
			A Deepness in the Sky

Walton, Jo              Among Others

Weber, David (series)
			On Basilisk Station
			Honor of the Queen
			A Short, Victorious War
			Field of Dishonor
			Flag in Exile
			Honor Among Enemies
			In Enemy Hands
			Echoes of Honor
			Ashes of Victory
                        War of Honor

Willis, Connie		Doomsday Book (alternate history)
			Unnatural Causes (short stories)
			Passage (not pure sf but thought-provoking)

Wilson, Robert Charles  The Chronoliths

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn (St Germain series)
			Hotel Transylvania
			Blood Games
			The Palace
			Tempting Fate
			The Saint-Germain Chronicles

Zelazny, Roger		Nine Princes in Amber
                        (first book of the great Amber series)

			non-series: Lord of Light


Asimov, Isaac		The Foundation Trilogy
 			I, Robot

Bester, Alfred		The Demolished Man

Brunner, John		Shockwave Rider

Clarke, Arthur C.	Rendezvous with Rama

Clement, Hal		Mission of Gravity

Dick, Philip K.		The Man in the High Castle

Dickson, Gordon		The Dorsai series

Heinlein, Robert	The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
		        (also great juveniles: Space Cadet, Citizen of the 
		        Galaxy, Between Planets)

Herbert, Frank		Dune

Miller, Walter		A Canticle for Leibowitz

Smith, E.E. "Doc"	The Lensman series

Stewart, Mary		The Merlin series:

			The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills, The Last

van Vogt, A.E.		Slan

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