My Convention Career

Probably my most visible and enduring activity in fandom is in attending, and sometimes helping organize and run, conventions. The links below take you to brief snippets of descriptions of all the conventions I've attended, including the position I worked at that con (if any). Hope these bring back some memories for those of you who were at the same conventions. (Longer, more detailed con reports from my apazine records are what jogged my memory!)

1977: SunCon, Miami Beach

This was my first convention, and my first exposure to fandom. I had just moved to Atlanta and didn't know a soul there. I had a wedding of a high school friend in Miami Beach over Labor Day weekend and a college friend (Eve Ackerman, whom I later dragged into fandom) noticed in F&SF that the science fiction world convention was happening there as well.

Needless to say, I was totally astounded by fandom in general and the worldcon in particular. Especially since in my childhood, one couldn't walk into the Fontainebleau Hotel lobby after 6 pm without being properly attired (or you had to use the pool deck entrance). And there were all these people in obscene T-shirts or walking tribbles! I was very lucky in that I bumped into very friendly people who helped explain the fannish world to me. I managed to sneak into worldcon fandom just in time to attend The Last Hugo Banquet, and see the Slave Boys of Gor! As you can imagine, attending a suburban Jewish wedding on Sunday after three days of my first sf convention (and a worldcon to boot) was quite a surreal experience!

  • 1978 -- Kubla Khan, CoastCon, NutriaCon, Deep South Con, IguanaCon, Chambanacon
  • 1979 -- Chattacon, CoastCon, Kubla Khan, Deep South Con, FilkCon, NorthAmeriCon
  • 1980 -- Deep South Con, Noreascon Two, Loscon
  • 1981 -- Westercon, Denvention, Loscon, WindyCon
  • 1982 -- Westercon, Chicon IV, Loscon
  • 1983 -- LunaCon
  • 1986 -- ChattaCon, Westercon, ConFederation, Loscon
  • 1987 -- Westercon, Conspiracy, NASFiC, Loscon
  • 1988 -- Westercon, NolaCon, SMOFcon
  • 1989 -- Baycon, Westercon, Noreascon Three
  • 1990 -- NASFiC, Loscon
  • 1991 -- Baycon, NOSF3, Chicon V, Loscon, SMOFcon
  • 1992 -- Regency Assembly/Corflu 9, Baycon, Westercon, Magicon, Loscon, SMOFcon
  • 1993 -- Boskone, Potlatch, Baycon, Deep South Con, Westercon, ConFrancisco, SMOFcon
  • 1994 -- Corflu, Westercon, Deep South Con, Loscon, SMOFcon
  • 1995 -- Westercon, NASFiC (DragonCon), Intersection, Orycon, SMOFcon
  • 1996 -- Westercon, L.A.con III, Orycon, SMOFcon
  • 1997 -- LoneStarCon2
  • 1998 -- Boskone, Deep South Con, Westercon, Bucconeer, Orycon
  • 1999 -- Readercon, Westercon, Aussiecon (Pictures), Orycon, Loscon, SMOFcon
  • 2000 -- Boskone, Corflu (pix ), Deep South Con, Conolulu (pix), Rivercon, Armadillocon, Chicon, Orycon, Loscon, Smofcon (Florida pix)
  • 2001 -- Boskone, Concave, Readercon, Baycon, Westercon, Millennium Philcon, Orycon, Smofcon 19 in York, UK!
  • 2002 -- Boskone, Con With the Wind (the New Zealand National Convention), ConVergence (the Australian National Convention), ConJose
  • 2003 -- Boskone, Baycon (where I was *ahem* Fan Guest of Honor), Westercon, Torcon pix, Smofcon
  • 2004 -- Boskone, DeepSouthCon (pix), ConQuesT, Noreascon 4, Smofcon
  • 2005 -- Boskone, Eastercon, ConQuesT, Interaction, Bubonicon, Smofcon
  • 2006 -- Boskone, Concave, ConQuesT, Bubonicon, Continuum 4, LAcon IV, Loscon, Smofcon
  • 2007 -- Boskone, ConQuesT, Convergence 2, Bubonicon, Armadillocon, Smofcon
  • 2008 -- Boskone, Swancon 2008, ConQuesT, Convergence 2, Denvention 3, Armadillocon, Smofcon
  • 2009 -- Boskone, ConQuesT, Conjecture 2009, Anticipation (trip pix), Smofcon
  • 2010 -- ConQuesT, Aussiecon 4, Smofcon
  • 2011 -- Capricon 31 (where we were *ahem* Fan Guests of Honor), Boskone, ConQuesT, Renovation (trip pix), Bubonicon, Smofcon
  • 2012 -- Boskone, DeepSouthCon 50, Chicon 7, Bubonicon, Smofcon
  • 2013 -- Boskone, Concave, ConQuesT, LoneStarCon 3
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